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Turnkey corporate website

The main reasons why companies need their own website

Giving Partners Confidence

Increasing trust in the company

Modern sites, of course, play a positive role in making decisions by potential partners about cooperation with your company. Yes it's true. But do not forget that they are greeted by clothes.

Goods, services, cooperation

Presentation of information

I can assure you that if users did not find the necessary information on your site, most of the visitors will not call and clarify it. They will most likely go to competitors for transparent information where everything will be detailed and understandable.

Load reduction

All in one place

Thanks to a well-thought-out navigation system and information provided in a convenient way, users will be able to find the necessary product or service themselves, and your employees will spend more time on really important tasks for making a profit instead of routine operations for working with potential clients.

Goods, services, cooperation

Sell and Facilitate the Process

Let's talk frankly, not every product can be sold through the site. And probably each of us will be surprised if the shopping cart on the website of the buyer will consist of expensive materials or wholesale products. No one will ever pay for goods online for 1 million or more. And of course, not every transaction closes through an online resource. The main task of the site is to lead to this sale, to create a funnel that would lead to the final goal.

Stages of corporate website development

Conducting a survey - drawing up a commercial offer
We find out the requirements of the project and analyze the solution options for the implementation of a particular functionality of the site. We find out what alternatives there are to using certain functions of the site. At this stage, we draw up a commercial offer, taking into account all the necessary calculations and conclusions on the project.
Writing a technical task
Based on the “Brief Functionality of the Project”, we create a full-fledged technical task. It will detail all the details and nuances. This is an annex to the contract, which is its basis, and it subsequently serves as the basis for all further actions.
Style and design
If the Customer has a corporate identity, we will develop the concept of the site. We make adjustments according to the selected option, coordinate with the customer, receive feedback and approve. At this stage, we must draw the internal pages of the site. Also in the version for mobile devices, you can draw key pages and elements. After agreement with the customer, all pages can be drawn on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. But usually you don't have to!
Design layout
According to the layout design, we make up pages and elements using the latest frameworks. All future pages will be designed for modern browsers. Layout is not a functional part.
The layout is stretched to the CMS chosen by the customer, then all the necessary functionality is programmed and integrated with the necessary services. Most often, such programs as 1C, Bitrix24 and various other CRM systems participate in the integration.
Website design (content)
We work with content in the following two ways: 1. We make the content of the pages and the site as a whole 2. We make only the necessary part for the functionality, and the customer is responsible for further filling.
Testing and setting up hosting
We install the server that will be used for the test site and is designed for the size of the site. We will test the Internet resource for errors that were found on various devices and browsers.
Training of the administrative panel of the site
If necessary, we can train users to work with the administrative parts of the site, post materials, etc.
Launch, acceptance and payment
After acceptance and verification of the work, the customer pays the balance. Next, we transfer all the necessary accesses and sign the certificate of completion.
Service and Support
In addition to our work, we offer promotion of the site and the company as a whole. We are engaged in the development of an Internet resource, and also participate in all the innovations of the organization.
Attention! Additional services are paid separately

Pricing policy and terms of corporate website development.

Fast corporate website (ready-made solution)

If deadlines are burning or the budget is running out

For an Internet resource, one of our ready-made template solutions is selected for your topic. If you already know the architecture of the site, future pages and blocks, this will significantly save time and the development process. But we can not fully implement all the design wishes, but the color and graphic solution will be unique for your brand.

139.000 rub
from 14 days
Turnkey corporate website

If you need a well-designed design and unique functionality.

Especially for your company, a structure will be designed and an individual colorful design of all pages and the site as a whole will be drawn. This in itself entails an increase in the timing and cost of the project, but allows you to realize any ideas of the client. Complex functionality and much more that is not included in conventional solutions.

249.000 rub
from 40 days

Standard functionality

Products and services

Demonstrate to the client what he wants to receive (photos and product characteristics), a guarantee or cooperation).

Gallery and Image

An attractive visual component is always a plus. This feature helps the user to more easily perceive information and make choices.

Blog, articles and news

Publish and tell news, thereby showing users and search engines that the site is alive.

Clients and partners

Show potential clients your success in cooperation with other companies.

Employees and vacancies

Present your specialists and hire new employees.

Examples of works, services

Don't forget to tell us about your new projects and completed old ones.


Development FAQ

On what system is a corporate website developed?
What to consider and what to focus on when creating a site?
Do you work under a contract?
The site is made strictly according to the TK?
Where are you located and in what cities do you provide services?