Website business card

Website business card

Order a business card website


Admin panel
Modern, free, updated CMS
Operational terms of site development - from 3 days
Stylish and modern design on all devices
Drawing up a plan to promote the site
Seo optimization for promotion in search engines
Not high development cost
Website business card


Order a business card website

There is nothing unusual about the business card site, except that it consists of several pages. The main purpose of this site is a brief message of information about a company or person, aimed at attracting the attention of visitors. A high-quality and well-designed business card website is the key to a successful business and the formation of a positive image of the company.

Варианты разработки

Business card website development

Before starting the development, it is necessary to decide what services will be provided on the site. You can choose a cheaper version of the Landing Page or, on the contrary, a more serious one - a corporate website. Often, the name of a business card site means a small site (up to 10 pages), which, as indicated in the name of the business card. The business card site contains: basic information about the company's activities, contact information, a news block or a photo gallery. This type of site has its own image component, rather than selling. Convenient business card holder with a logo is suitable for small businesses.

Комплексный подход

Turnkey website

Due to the low price and fast terms of creation, a business card site is one of the most profitable options. But, first of all, this is due to the small number of pages and content on the site. But in this case, everything is individual. If you expect an individual and author's design or complex functionality, the price may be completely different. Therefore, such issues are resolved on an individual basis before starting work. Contact us and we will create for you a business card site that will be relevant today.